Prohibido menores de 18 años
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apuestas.kirolbet.es operates in Spain under the corresponding licences granted by the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling

Sports betting is a custom culturally rooted in our society but one that can cause problems for certain people who do not use our services reasonably. Therefore, KIROLBET is committed to anticipating possible dependencies, complying with the legal requirements of our betting system and promoting responsible betting.

In compliance with Law 13/2011, dated 27th May, on the regulation of gambling:

  • Minors and those unable by law or by a judicial decision, in agreement with that established by civil legislation

  • Those persons who have voluntarily requested exclusion gambling access, as well as those who have not voluntarily requested the removal of said exclusion, those to whom it is prohibited by a judicial decision, or who have been declared guilty, recklessly wasteful, or incompetent during court proceedings, as well as those not rehabilitated.

  • The shareholders, owners, participants or relevant holders of the gambling operation, its management personnel and employees who are directly involved in the realisation of the gambling activities, as well as their partners or persons with whom they are living, relatives, and descendants within the first degree of kinship, in the gambling activities that they manage or carry out, independently of whether or not participation in the gambling activities, by any of the parties previously mentioned, is directly or indirectly carried out, through third parties, be they natural or legal.

  • Directors of organising or participating sporting entities in the sports activity or event for which bets are placed.

  • Civil servants whose responsibility is the control and inspection of betting.

Rules about responsible gambling

If you comply with the following regulations, you will be able to enjoy a responsible gambling experience based on entertainment:

  • If you decide to gamble, do it only with the aim of entertainment and to have company.

  • Establish a time limit and stick to it.

  • Decide how much you want to spend, win or lose. Do not change your mind.

  • Accept the loss as part of the game. Do not try to make up for losses by gambling.

  • Do not borrow money to bet.

  • Do not use gambling to get rich.

  • Only gamble when you are relaxed and concentrated.

  • Do not gamble to avoid problems, worries or frustrations.

  • Do not gamble if you are recovering from another addiction.

  • Do not allow those younger than 18 to participate in games of chance.


Gambling is a form of leisure and entertainment, exempt from any type of economic objective. Betting must always be under the threshold of responsible gambling, which requires that the user controls the time and money that they dedicate to this activity.

KIROLBET offers the user tools that facilitate the self-control to practice responsible gambling:

Deposits and bet limits: My Account > Limits

Through the LIMITS tool available on the users account, you can decide a daily, weekly and monthly maximum amount of deposits and bets. In the event that the user reaches their configured limit, they will not be able to process any bets until they the fixed period has passed.

Self-exclusion: My Account > Self-exclusion

Self-exclusion offers the user the option to block access to their account if they consider that they might find it difficult to control their bets, and constitutes an effective way of preventing gambling during a period that they have decided upon.

The user will be able to exclude themselves permanently from gambling by cancelling their account: My Account > Cancel Account

Time indicators

Given that the user has a better awareness and control over the time that they dedicate to gambling, time indicators exist:

  • Session timer: Every time the user begins a session, a timer is automatically started that is always visible, and that facilitates self-imposed limitation of gambling time.

  • Last connection: Indicates the moment in which the user last connected so that they are aware of their gambling frequency.


If you feel that you might have a gambling problem, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you often find yourself remembering past gambling experiences, planning the next time you will gamble and/or contemplating ways to get money to gamble with?

  • Have you ever gambled more than you had planned?

  • Do you try to control, interrupt or stop gambling?

  • Did the attempt to interrupt or stop gambling make you anxious or irritable?

  • Do you gamble to avoid problems?

  • When you gamble money, do you gamble again to recover the money lost?

  • Do you think you have a gambling problem?

  • Do you finance your gambling activity with family money, loans,, fraud or robbery?

  • Have you ever missed work or classes due to gambling?

  • Have you turned to anyone to help you with your economic problems as a result of gambling?

The more affirmative responses, the larger the possibility that you have a serious problem with gambling and should consider seeking help..

Gambling is an individual activity of human beings, a form of leisure and entertainment. However, it is necessary to maintain control of the situation, respecting the rules of responsible gambling.

Responsible gambling is that in which the person makes decisions while conscious of the circumstances and in control of the time and the money they gamble. People that gamble responsibly predetermine how often they gamble, how much money and time they will spend and when they will stop. Sometimes, responsible gambling means making the decision not to gamble.

Someone who gambles responsibly plays for fun and not to earn money or avoid their problems.

If gambling is negatively impacting your life, that indicates a problem.

Make your decision, limit your gambling:

  • — Register yourself on the Gambling list of "Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego". This list is entirely anonymous and guarantees personal protection rights.

  • — Make your decision: Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego

In the Basque Autonomous Community and at a State level there are Associations to help people addicted to gambling, which work to provide information, support and practical help surrounding the social impact of gambling. If gambling is negatively impacting your life, ask for help: